Our vision is to continue to provide our patients – young and old – with the best in eye health care

When we opened our practice in 1983 we had no idea just how much advances in eye care would develop the services and products that we can provide. Because we have been innovative and adopted new technology we have received many awards  in recognition of our success.

You can always be assured of a friendly welcome from our professional and caring staff and being local means that we live in the community that we serve.

However, whilst we like to think we offer what everyone wants, we may not be right for you, as we

  • Don’t do “quick fixes”
  • Don’t do “buy one get one free” offers

Unlike some opticians, where there is little personal service and you are treated as another cog in a wheel, we won’t make the compromises on the time that we take with you or the quality of our service and products.

“We aim to meet the eye care needs of all the family by providing professional expertise, personal care and attention and real value for money.”

So if you are looking for a new optometrist to care for your eyes’ health and how they perform, or to improve how your eyewear makes you look – contact us now, as we would love to see you.


Make an appointment by Tel: 01278 785743, Email: contact@davidbull-optometrists.co.uk or book an appointment online now.

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