The British summer has arrived again and as you have probably noted many weather forecasts on the television now often provide information about the UV forecast as well as the pollen levels. This can range from low to moderate to high, but even when moderate to high UV is forecast the sun isn’t always shining!

This shows just how much UV radiation we all absorb, whenever we go outside and those people we think are more vulnerable, such as those with fair skin or who squint at the slightest ray of sunshine, are not just the ones prone to their damaging effects. We are all vulnerable.

So why is this important to my eyes, I hear you ask? 

It has been proved beyond doubt that exposure to UV is linked to damage to the delicate skin around our eyes and changes within the eye that lead to cataracts and macular degeneration; the two commonest causes of loss of vision in the UK.

The effects are accumulative; all too often people don’t realise the gradual damage being done to their eyes by UV rays. The problems so many people get in later life, is due to the damage done long beforehand.

So how can we help to prevent damage and keep our eyes and surrounding delicate skin as healthy as possible?

UV damage to your eyes can be largely prevented by the use of lenses that absorb all of these harmful rays and with the technical advances in lenses, we can tailor sunglasses to suit various people’s needs.

We can provide dark sunglasses or frames fitted with light sensitive lenses to suit most patients lens prescriptions, so even if you wear corrective lenses, you can still protect your eyes and see well at the same time!

But before you buy here are a few helpful tips:

  • Always ensure the sunglasses or lenses are CE rated for UV absorbing standards, they will be clearly identifiable
  • Avoid cheap lenses – they can actually let more UV into your eyes!
  • Make sure the frame fits you correctly as this will help protect the skin around your eyes
  • Children absorb more UV so don’t forget to protect their eyes too

So happy summer, but remember your eyes are precious and need to last a long time, so don’t neglect them and even on those cloudy days put your sunglasses on.