Caring for your eyes with tailored lenses to suit your vision requirements

At David Bull Optometrists we take time to evaluate and recommend the best lenses to meet your needs.

In recent years there have been immense improvements in lens technology; this means that you can now get the best possible vision with lenses that also make your glasses lighter, more comfortable and better looking.

To ensure our staff can provide you with the best service and advice, they attend regular training courses to keep them up-to-date with the latest lens developments and technology available. This provides them with a greater understanding of your needs and the ability to discuss the benefits with you, regarding the various lens options.

So if you want your lenses to be thinner and lighter, lenses that react to the light, to explore the options of varifocal lenses or lenses to help you to perform a particular visual task we can discuss the options open to you and provide you with our expert  assistance.

Our main lens suppliers, Rodenstock and Seiko Optical, are two of the most innovative manufacturers whose lenses are of the highest quality with extensive guarantees.


To ensure you have the best lenses for your vision requirements contact us now on Tel: 01278 785743, Email: or book an appointment online now.