Tailored, high-tech consultation to ensure the best fit of your glasses; perfect for you.

As professionally trained optometrists we want to ensure you have the best vision possible with the lenses we prescribe for your glasses.

It is important that you feel comfortable and like the way you look in your glasses. So to ensure the perfect fit we have invested in the cutting edge technology from Rodenstock, with their Impression IST Dispensing machine.

With this specialist equipment, we can take specific measurements, such as the shape of your face, centre of your eye position and the fit and shape of your chosen frames.  These measurements help us to recommend you with your own personalised glasses made-to-measure to suit your individual requirements, giving you the best vision from your glasses and ultimate comfort.

Deciding to take advantage of this tailored service, means:

  • Perfectly fitted glasses to suit your vision needs
  • See before you decide – view the frames on you
  • Personal lens consultation to suit your requirements
  • Comfort ensured with tailored measurements taken


The Consultation: simple, personal and enjoyable, to give you the best from your glasses

Frame Selection:

At times we know what we would like in our frame design, we think we know what suits us, then we try them on and realise that the style we thought we wanted, isn’t what actually suits us.

With our team of dispensing experts on hand, we can guide you to the best frames to suit your style, personality and face shape. With the assistance of the Impression IST Dispensing machine, you can then see exactly what the frames look like and what ones you prefer.

We will take photos of you and display up to four portrait photos, simultaneously on-screen so you can see what you truly look like – something that many patients with high prescriptions in the past have been unable to do. And if you want a second opinion, to help you choose your frames, then you can take the photos home, before you make your final decision.

Lens selection

Once you have decided upon your frames, our consultation will show you the different lenses available; discussing your options with regard to thickness, tints and coatings so you gain the perfect glasses for your needs.



So to find out what the right glasses really could do for you, contact us now to book your Impression IST consultation

Images courtesy of Rodenstock (UK) Ltd

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