Stylish spectacles for your perfect vision and comfort 

A beautiful watch will turn heads, a fabulous shoe will get you noticed, but no accessory can quite compete with a pair of spectacles when it comes to making an impression. No handbag on earth can enhance your beauty, but the right frame can work wonders, elevating your features, and expressing your personality. After all, no one looks into your hands, feet or wrists when they’re talking to you.

There is a big trend for styling spectacles at the moment, be that through social media, TV advertisements, billboards etc. We want to encourage patients to feel good about their eyewear choices. So it could be said that anything that helps enhance the confidence and purchasing experience of patients is a good thing.

If you look at our IST dispensing consultation page you will see that we have the technology to ensure that your spectacles fit and give you the best results possible but there is more to spectacle dispensing than this….

Machine vs. Human

In our practice we employ talented and experienced dispensing staff who are wonderfully able to spend time with patients. These staff discuss lifestyles, hobbies and aspects of our patients’ personalities in order to reflect those elements in the spectacle frames and lenses they choose. Our staff, whose customer care and service are excellent, will never be replaced by machines.

  • Because we have time – we can do this.
  • Because we have experienced staff – we can do this.
  • Because we genuinely care that our patients get the best eye care and eyewear – we can do this


You will also be assisted and advised about the lens options that best suit your vision needs, your prescription and the frame style that you choose.

And we don’t forget our younger customers too. From toddlers to teens, we have frames that they will love to wear.

To see our choice of frames or make an appointment, just pop in to our practice, call us on 01278 785743, email us at, or book an appointment online now.



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