David Bull Optometrists is proud to provide the Eyeplan care scheme

Simply put, Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes while receiving great value.

By encouraging regular appointments we can assure that your eyes receive the best care possible – whatever your age, lifestyle or if you choose to wear glasses, contact lenses or both.

The Benefits

In exchange for a small monthly fee, Eyeplan members receive a number of different benefits, all based on our care values of care, quality and value.

– Inclusive Eye Examinations as frequently as you wish
– Fantastic savings on eye wear costs
– Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles brought with Eyeplan
– Discounted family membership

Moreover, David Bull Optometrists Eyeplan members rest assured in the knowledge that their eyes are receiving constant care and the best service we can offer.

More information

For more information about Eyeplan and how it would benefit you, Contact us now to make an appointment or for more information by: Tel: 01278 785743, Email: contact@davidbull-optometrists.co.uk or book online now. We will be glad to give you our best advice.