We ensure you get the best lenses to suit your needs

So you get the benefit of comfort and vision, whilst having the convenience of wearing contact lenses, when you want to.

What types of lenses do you fit?

Contact lenses are now available in soft, rigid gas permeable and hybrid materials.  They can be made to single vision or multifocal prescriptions and, unlike in the past, can correct astigmatism.  There are pros and cons to every design and these will be explained to you once we have examined your eyes and discussed your needs with you.

As regular lens replacement has been proved to be the healthiest way to wear contact lenses we offer lenses that you either wear only once, lenses that are changed every two or four weeks  or for rigid gas permeable lenses every six or twelve months.

What do they cost?

Because there are so many lens designs, care products and replacement frequencies, it is impossible to give one price.

Our contact lens direct debit scheme allows you to pay monthly for all scheduled lenses, care products and appointments. It also entitles you to discounts on future spectacle purchases (terms apply).

As a rough guide our schemes start at £12.50 per month but even our top option works out to less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!


Download our Contact lens leaflet for more information on our fitting / aftercare service and care scheme details.


So why not give contact lenses a try, with the help of David Bull Optometrists  – you’ll see we care.

To make an appointment contact us on Tel: 01278 785743, Email: contact@davidbull-optometrists.co.uk or book an appointment online now.