Perfect vision and the freedom from glasses

Contact lens practice is among the fastest developing areas of eye care. At David Bull Optometrists we offer the widest range of products, fitting and aftercare services – many lens options are available but we would not expect you to choose without help.

Our highly qualified optometrists and staff will help find the lens type that suits your lifestyle and gives you the best possible vision and comfort.

Some people want to wear lenses occasionally, for socializing or sports, while others want to wear them all of the time because they may get better vision, for convenience or just to have a different appearance.

The advances in contact lenses in recent years have led to;

  • Improved quality of vision
  • Ease of use and handling
  • More comfortable wear
  • A wider range of prescriptions

Many people who thought, or have been told, that they were unsuitable for contact lenses may now have this option open to them, so don’t be put off talking with us, because you have been previously told you can’t have them, as the chances are you now can.

How do I get contact lenses?

To find the lenses that suit you best we will examine your eyes to determine if they are suitable for contact lenses and then carry out an assessment with you wearing lenses to check the comfort and vision. If this is successful we will then show you how to handle and care for you lenses to ensure that you are confident.

At David Bull Optometrists we pride ourselves on providing excellence in aftercare; once we prescribe and issue you with the right lenses, we will advise the best and most appropriate products for your eye care and contact lenses, because the on-going health of your eyes is the upmost importance to us.

Children can benefit from contact lenses too, especially if they are involved in sports. We are happy to review each individual child’s needs and offer contact lenses where appropriate, usually after they start secondary education. If you are considering contact lenses for your child, visit our practice to discuss the options with our optometrists.


To gain more information on what lenses are available and are best for your needs, Contact us now to make an appointment by: Tel: 01278 785743, Email: or book online