Helping you to manage your dry eyes, to provide comfort and effective treatment

At David Bull Optometrists we understand how much of an impact dry eye can have on a person and the discomfort it brings.

There are many causes for the dry, itchy feeling that is so uncomfortable and can curiously cause the eyes to water more!  Allergies, some medication, environmental factors, prolonged computer use and certain medical conditions are well known to be causes. Although dry eye is more common in women over 40, it can affect anyone.

That is why we have invested time in research and investigated this common complaint for many years and can offer specialist help and treatment to our patients. Our Dry Eye service includes thorough assessment of your eyes and the tear film to determine the cause of your discomfort.

The best management options will then be explained to you. In some cases a short course of treatment may do the trick, but as dry eye is often a chronic, long term problem that can’t be cured, the answer may be found in regular use of drops, gels or other products or in-practice treatment using the unique Blephex instrument, for more information click here

For those patients who require on-going management, we offer a Dry Eye payment scheme that covers planned and unscheduled appointments, treatments and discounts on products including spectacles (terms apply) for a simple monthly payment .

So don’t put up with sore and irritated eyes any longer, contact us today to make an appointment or for more information on our specialist services Tel: 01278 785743, Email: or book online now.